Windsor RSL

Promonotions was commissioned by Windsor RSL to bring to life the architects drawings for their bespoke New York warehouse inspired ‘Easy Lane’ Restaurant and Garden bar.  The brief involved three main areas within the ‘Easy Lane’ restaurant experience:-

  1. Main Bar
  2. Pizza Bar
  3. Garden Bar

Main bar

The brief was to create a distressed industrial feel to the front of the bar with Eclectic shelving and Zinc bar top.  To create the front of the bar we used recycled hardwood fence palings lightly dressed and glued to 19mm structural ply panels which was pre-fabricated in our Sydney based workshop.

The hanging shelves were made from 28mm galvanised water pipe, painted black and created in such a way as to achieve a suspended shelving experience.  Shelves themselves were made from slabs of naturally dried Norfolk Island Pine.  The cured slabs of Norfolk island pine were machined and drilled according to a very tight template in our workshop and installed on site.

The bar top was created from 1.6mm zinc which was folded to shape and produced in sections to a base of 19mm structural ply at our workshop.  Sections of the bar were then installed on site to a detailed installation plan.

The wire mesh dividing grate was produced in our workshop and installed on site to provide a form of security for bar staff.

Pizza Bar

The brief for the Pizza Bar involved creating a feature wall of various size industrial pipes to the front and side of the Bar.  Each pipe was positioned for maximum 3D impact onto a substrate of 19mm structural plywood welded, glued and screwed into place at our factory then dismantled for onsite installation.  Bar top was made from Quantum Quartz secured to 19mm structural ply.

Garden Bar

The brief for the Garden Bar was to create a rustic outdoor bar utilising solid slab construction, old railway sleepers and as a point of difference to other similarly themed bars instead of using corrugated iron to the front of the bar, we opted for perforated sheet metal.  The sheet metal was then rusted with an acid and salt wash to age to burnt orange.  The benchtop was made from solid slabs of Blackbutt machined and fitted in situ.

The back shelving and back bar bench was created from kiln dried Blackbutt which was hand dressed and shaped on site.

To create novelty we built large sliding cabinet doors on site and painted with blackboard paint to provide a dual purpose of advertising and security.  We installed onld ‘Butcher’ hooks we found in an antique warehouse in Newcastle to act as runners for sliding the doors on 10mm thick mild steel plate.

3 metre ring enclosures

The client wished to create a themed section in the middle of the Easy Lane experience by utilising 2 x 3metre diameter steel rings at either end of a heavy duty wooden pergola.  Promonotions designed the structural elements from the supplied architects drawing, using SolidWorks to create not only a 3D model but engineering specifications for the cutting list.  The individual parts of the 300kg assembled rings were built on site and in situ secured to a stainless steel housing bolted to an embedded concrete footing.

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  • 3metre_ring_5949
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