Stunt Wheels

Promo Klix





10 days


40mm x 0.8mm PP


4C double-sided


Food grade polybag with 1C print on bag

Production Capacity

500,000 pieces/day

The concept of Stunt Wheels was created by Derek in January 2003 while playing around with a yo-yo.  Derek found that by loosely wrapping a yo-yo string around a yo-yo and spinning it down and letting it go it raced across the ground.  One thing led to another and Stunt Wheels was born.  Over the next few months Derek and a fellow creative mocked up a number of samples and started building ramps and decks to do stunts.  “We didn’t get much work done, we loved the way Stunt Wheels provided so much fun and challenge with so many tricks and stunts it was great, we were always trying to outdo each other”

Promonotions realised the potential of the product not only as a promotional item, but also as a retail product and have since applied for a comprehensive patent which covers a variety of product lines, design and game play options.  Not since man first invented the wheel has so much fun been had with a wheel!

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