Promo Pak






10 days


40mm high, 2-piece vaccum formed transparent or opaque PP




Adhered with wax or other food-safe adhesive

Production Capacity

5,000 pieces/day

Promo Pak is a new patent pending promotional packaging concept that utilises the wasted space between 4-pack, 6-pack and 12-pack dairy tubs, with no alteration to carton sizes or space on the shelf.  The tubs can still be stacked as normal.  This is the perfect on-pack premium that has minimal disruption to manufacturing and point-of-sale.

PromoPak can be made to suit varying sizes of dairy packs from small to large format, in clear or solid colour, to enhance the ‘surprise’ element.  PromoPak can carry all sorts of promotional premium collectables.  It is an ideal mechanism to build brand awareness and increase incremental sales of the brand through a promotional program. PromoPak arrives at the client’s factory fully sealed with the premium already inside, which reduces the incidence of theft at store. PromoPak can be inserted underneath the dairy packs prior to filling and capping or after filling and capping with no disruption to line speed.   PromoPak is adhered to the underside of the diary tubs by hot wax or other suitable food grade adhesive.   PromoPak when assembled with the dairy tubs provides an intriguing, teasing glimpse through the tubs to the premium inside,.  This adds to the excitement of the purchase and the brand experience.

The promotional opportunities for PromoPak are extensive from the inclusion of special flavour sachets to add to the dairy product to increase the taste experience, to collectable licensed premiums such as figurines, cards, and tattoos.  Many companies involved with these type of dairy products are using licensed properties to enhance pack graphics but are not utilising an on-pack premium to drive incremental sales.  PromoPak provides the right mechanism to increase the leverage of a license program by offering the consumer collectable and desirable promotional premiums.

  1. Maximises product footprint by utilising wasted space
  2. Decreases theft opportunities as Promo Pak is sealed and adhered underneath the pack
  3. Enhances brand image in mind of the consumer
  4. Can be slotted into front or backend of production with minimal disruption

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