Promo Lids

Promo Lids





10 days


9.10mm ⌀ x 0.8mm PS


4C contact food safe


Bulk packed

Production Capacity


Promo Lid

Promo lids are a full colour thermoformed takeaway beverage lid. The concept is covered by 2 PCT patents which covers the concept, manufacturing process and consumer safe ink technology.

Promo Lids are ideal for advertising, branding, promotional campaigns or simply to advertise the name of a particular café or coffee roaster. No other form of advertising provides such an inescapable way to get a message across multiple times while the beverages are consumed.

Billions of takeaway beverages are dispensed each day around the world. In Australia alone Aussies consume around 1.1 billion coffees a year!!! And that’s just takeaway coffee – add to that other takeaway drinks and domed health drinks – Promo Lids has it covered.

As an advertising medium, takeaway lids present an ideal opportunity for advertisers to get their message into the eyes and senses of consumers for as long as they ‘sip’ – which other advertising medium does that!?!

Advertisers have used printed cups as a great way to get a message across but a lot of Roasters and Café owners like to use their own branded cup. Promo Lids provide the means for those Roasters and Café owners to offer their client something that is interesting to look at while they sip from a branded Roaster/Café cup. On the other hand Promo Lids offer an upside to those who have embraced printed cup advertising to offer clients a full package of cup and lid or the option of both.

Marketers talk about the last six feet, Promo lids delivers at the last 6 centimetres – its simply in your face advertising!!

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