Promo Klix

Promo Klix





10 days


40mm x 0.8mm PP


4C double-sided


Food grade polybag with 1C print on bag

Production Capacity

500,000 pieces/day

Promo Klix


Promo Klix is a promotional extension of the highly successful educational toy Klikko produced by Klikko International. The original toy line is comprised of a unique patented hinge system that provides 180 degree movement and endless building options. Promonotions has been given approval by Klikko inventor David Huang to produce the promotional version of Klikko which utilises the patented injection moulded hinge of Klikko combined with a PP piece. The result is an excellent interactive, educational and inexpensive collectible premium. The Promo Klix combined with a strong license will be an instant winner with the kids. Because the hinge system allows for 180 degree movement, many pieces can be joined together and concertina folded to fit easily into a pocket. The piece comes overwrapped in food grade polybag and includes a 40mm PP piece and a hinge.

The actual promotional piece also can be integrated into the standard Klikko range which adds to the versatility and interaction of the piece.

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