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Digital & Media

Promonotions is experienced and adept across all variants of digital and media, including print, television, radio, signage, traditional web and social media, product placement, and mobile devices. We want to help you drive your brand exposure through the right medium or media for your business and product.

We achieve this through a media mix that suits your target demographic, usually as part of a overall campaign.


Promonotions has extensive experience in developing promotional print ads for a variety of formats to carry the promotional theme across into print and digital media, such as the  Big League adverts produced for the 2010 AFL & 2010 NRL campaigns we produced for Snack brands Australia.

Trade Presenters

Promonotions has been involved in developing a number of trade presenters.  This particular one was produced for Sanitarium as part of the Super Flyers campaign which we developed.


Promonotions provided the digital assets and art direction for the Super Flyers TV commercial which was one element of a much larger promotional campaign that we worked on for Sanitarium New Zealand.

We also produced an AFL Dale Thomas television commercial and NRL Benji Marshall commercial as part of a much wider in-pack promotional campaign that Promonotions developed for Snack brands. The brief included negotiating of the AFL & NRL licenses, campaign development, packaging and point of sale design, web design, production of the insert and print media.   This campaign resulted in an impressive sales and distribution lift for Snack brands Australia.

Promonotions also created a low budget promotional TV ad for Nestle in Fiji for a Maggi Noodle promotional campaign.  The TV ad was one part of an overall promotional campaign that Promonotions managed through the line.


Promonotions did the front end design for the 2009 NRL campaign and AFL campaign as part of the larger project management and creation of the total campaign.

We can develop the graphics and interface for EDM’s and web tiles such as the NRL footy Frames EDM shown below.

Promonotions also designed the website for the Sanitarium Super Flyers campaign including developing a range of games and images that kids could download, print out and play with the Super Flyer footy shaped cards.

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